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A warm welcome from us.

Welcome to MACS Auto Detailing Supplies


Firstly, allow us to extend a very warm welcome from Myles, Anthony, Chris and Simon, the founders of MACS Auto Detailing.

We are four guys who have a passion for car detailing and making our rides look like new. We love to share tips and are always looking to learn new tricks of the trade. We are constantly trying new products and brands as we search for the perfect result. We hope you like the products we stock and as we grow our business we will be aiming to stock more brands to help you with your detailing.

This is very much a labour of love for us and we wanted a place where we could get hands on, practice with the products, learn new things, and meet like minded people, this is why we decided on a retail walk in store to run along side our web store.

Our vision is a store that caters for everyone’s detailing needs, from the beginner to enthusiast to the professionals. A store that prides itself on a good range of products that come highly recommended. Somewhere you can walk in, pick up the products, test them, chat about them, then ultimately work with them and share your experiences with us.

If we don’t stock what you are looking for then tell us and we will try and get hold of it for you or recommend an alternative.

We are here to learn, not just offer advice, we don’t claim to know everything but we are always looking to pick up tips and learn new things. If you can’t come in to our walk in store then have a browse online or pick up the phone and give us a call.

 And finally, thank you for supporting local and small businesses!

We look forward to detailing with you soon.

Happy detailing!


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