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Not sure where to start?

Just follow our Simple Steps to keeping it clean


Pre-wash is an important stage of the detailing process as it will help to break down stubborn bug splats and road grime. Snow foam is great for eating away at dirt and any other particles that have survived the Citrus Pre-Wash.


Having already removed as much dirt as possible from the paint, use a high quality shampoo, a soft wash mitt & the two bucket method to safely wash the car. Using a plush microfibre drying towel, make your way from top to bottom drying each panel. Go big and get yourself an Air Blower!


Chemical decontamination is exactly what it sounds like. The aim is to remove contaminants from the surface of the vehicle. Using an iron fallout remover, clay bar or tar and glue remover will ensure your vehicle is free of contaminants.


An optional step should you need to. Heavily soiled vehicles may need a second wash in order to remove any decontamination chemicals you may have missed.


The aim of polishing is to remove any imperfections from the paint such as light scratches and swirls marks. You can polish a car by hand or with a machine to leave a deep finish your paintwork.


After investing time into cleaning your vehicle, you should protect it with a wax, sealant or coating. This will help protect your car and make maintenance washes easier!


By using a quick detailer or wax you will be able to keep on top of your vehicle between major washes. This stage helps to prolong the results of your hard work.

Everything Else

One place for anything else you may need when detailing your pride and joy.

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